To say that Donald Trump is the worst possible president that could be appointed to the office might be understating the matter. Trump is a fascist, a racist, a xenophobe, a egomaniac, a nincompoop, a bad businessman, and a serial rapist. He also had a bad side. As president, he will increase the surveillance state, worsen America’s relationship with Russia, crackdown on whistleblowers, muffle media outlets that don’t say what he wants them to say, continue currency inflation and manipulation through the Federal Reserve, continue the erosion of justice through racial profiling and militarized police action. He promises to respect gun ownership, yet this seems like a promise he won’t be able to keep. Traditionally, government force doesn’t like to be resisted. Law enforcement officers don’t like going into a dangerous situation in which they might be shot; thus, we have gun control laws. The most likely scenario is that Donald Trump will increase the power of the government while decreasing the power of the individual.

Worse than all this, he has difficulty accepting criticism. He lashes out against anyone who dares to criticizes him- if not in public, then certainly in private. He has a narcissistic personality disorder. He holds himself to be the most important in the person in the world. He has shown no hesitation to ruin his investors just for the sake of doing what he wanted. One only needs to research Trump Tower, Trump Steaks, and all the other failed ventures in which he was involved in. He has even, from time to time, participated in pro wrestling shows just because he could. While there isn’t anything wrong with pro wrestling per se, Trump’s involvement in such a business speaks to his need to be loved, to be respected, to have everyone like him.

The problem is that the president has, for the last forty years or so, become the favorite target of people who want to someone to blame for the government’s failures. This blame tends to increase while the president’s power increases; logically, the more the president can do, the more he responsible for. This has reached the point where people blame the president for high gas prices, for economic downturns, for anything bad that happens. Given Trump’s limited vocabulary, and his tendency to make a fool out of himself, it seems likely that people will be taking shots at him before long. Indeed, one day after Trump was announced as the winner of the election, California has begun to talk about seceding from the union. Other protests of various kinds have taken place. People are already opposed to Trump’s presidency before it even happens.

If Trump reacts badly when people criticize him, one can only imagine how he would react when people don’t want any part of him ruling the nation. When South Carolina started talking about seceding from the Union over the Tariff of Abominations- which resulted in the Nullification Crisis of 1832– president Andrew Jackson publicly stated that he would not hesitate to have troops march upon South Carolina to resolve the situation. When the state actually did secede from the Union in 1860, rather than letting the state have its own way, Abraham Lincoln decided civil war was preferable to an amicable split similar to what happened in Czechoslovakia, resulting in the nations of the Czech Republic of Slovakia.

Donald Trump is not a better man than Andrew Jackson, or Abraham Lincoln. He is not the second coming of Ronald Reagan. He is not an anti-establishment candidate. He will not represent rural communities. He will not represent anyone but himself. Before being sworn into office, he is already going to court for rape and racketeering charges. Given that the Republican Party essentially has control of the government for the next two years, it seems unlikely that Trump would be forced out of office by anything other than the most extraordinary of circumstances. In other words, he is another in a long list of politicians who break the law and get away with it.

Given that he will most likely be able to do what he wants without consequences, he will use force to get what he wants. Violence and coercion are the government’s only tools for achieving its objectives. No one in Congress has ever mentioned about making the federal government a non-profit organization. Reducing the size of the military and taking the teeth away from police departments across America is always met with scorn and derision. The government loves its billy clubs; Trump will be no different.

Trump’s presidency will be a good time to be a government official. Those who have government jobs- and those who can put up the frustration and misery that such jobs entail- will find themselves making money. The gravy train will continue for as long as it can until the wheels come off the rails. When that will happen is not entirely clear. What is clear: no one can keep charging items to a credit card indefinitely before the card is canceled. Trump won’t care about the suffering of ordinary Americans, the blue collar workers who have held enmity against Wall Street for so long. After all, it wasn’t that long ago when Trump was the star of a television show in which the entire point was to humiliate and fire people on a weekly basis.

One of the hallmarks of a person is with narcissistic personality disorder is a lack of empathy and understanding for others. The only person in Donald Trump’s world that matters is Donald Trump.

However, there are those who say that Hillary Clinton would have been better, that she would have been a marginally better option than Trump. Almost sixty million people fell for a logical fallacy called false dilemma which suggests that people only limited to only one of two choices when a multiplicity of other options exist. Those people voted for Hillary because they didn’t want Trump to win. Those who did believe that Hillary would have been good for the country only thought so because they had blinders on. They refused to accept any evidence that contradicted what they had already decided to believe. Their commitment was not to the truth, but to party loyalty. They were, in essence, not so different from supporters of Russia’s communist party during the worst days of Soviet repression and subjugation.

They failed to see that while Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are different people, there aren’t too many differences in how they would have reigned. Hillary appears to be no better than Donald Trump with regards to sexual assault. Leaked documents from wikileaks, gathered together on a site called Pedocrats, suggests that the Clinton foundation is heavily involved in a child trafficking / pedophilia sex slave ring.

Hillary is no better than Trump on corruption. She is, perhaps, even worse. Aside from the email scandal and the Benghazi scandal, her entire political career is littered with examples of her acting in an immoral manner and getting away with it. She rigged the primary election process in concert with Debbie Weisserman-Schultz to cost Bernie Sanders victories in Nevada and California. Then, after screwing over her opponent, she suggested that former Bernie supporters should switch their votes to her. It appears to have worked- mostly because people bought into the notion that Trump would have been worse than Hillary.

In addition, Hillary’s support of LGBT rights is mostly for show. She was the first lady when Bill Clinton implemented the atrocious “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” policy. She only supported gay rights when it became politically convenient for her to do so. Then, during her election, she continually harped on the fact that she should be elected because she was a woman. She did not try getting people to believe her as a worthy candidate based on her own merit; that would have been impossible. Rather, she tried to sway people emotionally, tried to divide voters into demographic groups hoping that people who felt disenfranchised would support her. That didn’t work.

Had she been elected, Hillary would have been in favor of ongoing war, an expanding military-industrial complex, decreased autonomy for property owners, more federal land grabs, more inefficient and costly welfare programs in which administrators benefit more than poor people, more corporate welfare and moral hazard. She would have been embroiled in scandal after scandal. She would have survived them all, for presidents are never prosecuted for the crimes they commit. As long as that remains the case, presidents will feel free to commit any crime they want.

She would have been in favor of currency manipulation and inflation through the federal reserve. She might have overseen a massive currency collapse, or she might not. She is a hedonist who would gladly play a fiddle while the entire country burns. The only person in Hillary Clinton’s world who matters is Hillary Clinton. In this respect, she is not different from Donald Trump at all.

Consequently, while people may bemoan the result of the election, the worst result that could have happened is not that Hillary Clinton won, or that Donald Trump won. The worst result is that government continues to exist, and with ever greater power than before. It does not matter very much who is in charge of it; its monopoly on violence will continue. Its protectionist economic laws will continues. Its overseas entanglements will continue. Its restrictive rules and regulations will continue. The cancer will keep growing, even until the host dies. That is the worst result that could have happened.